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The thought that we will never ever see NT 11 animated.

Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament 11. Finished!

Has there ever been a bad Toaru LN volume? If not, it looks like this streak, unlike the UnderTaker’s, is still alive.

After the Magic God Othinus arc, NT 11 was the first volume which focused solely on the science side again and honestly I welcomed the change and not only because the main character of this story has been someone who stood only on the sidelines so far. Shokuhou Misaki has really grown on me. Also the new antagonist for this volume Mitsuari Ayu was a character I surprisingly came to like. I didn’t agree with her deciosions but I did feel sorry for her. (Fuck those scientists who decided she was not worth it).

Rest of the volume was typical Toaru. Funny, serious, plot twists, impressive charatcers, good setting and above all again an amazing story line.

And hey! They mentioned the three big mysteries at the end! That got me hella excited. Ah. I can’t wait for NT 12.

Toaru remains being my absolute favourite series.

But the connection between Kumokawa Seria and Kamijou Touma is still a mystery!

You old teaser, you.

From Kamachi’s NT 11 afterword:

And the protagonist this time was Shokuhou Misaki. I had actually planned out her past early on but later realized it would be a difficult to actually use. However, I decided it would be a waste to never use it when I already had the idea, so I worked to reconstruct the story.

Shokuhou herself (much like Mikoto) is a difficult character to use because she’s almost too convenient, but after the personal breakthrough that was New Testament 9, I decided I could handle a tricky psychological battle using her and had her actually enter the fight this time.

Even Kamachi admits that NT 9 was god tier.

The blazing colors of dawn filled the sky ahead of them.

The purple of that starry sky which symbolized the mysteries of the world was gradually dyed orange.

“I have now returned order to your rule, just as you asked.”

The scientists spoke while facing that golden sunlight.

It looked like they were using human intellect to challenge the world’s irrational side.

“Now, how about you use the power I have returned to you. Use it to destroy all those irregularities known as magic.”

Thus ends NT 11.

“The esper cyborg Rensa was created to crush the seven Level 5s in case they all rebelled against Academy City at once. My role is similar, but unfortunately, my target is not those homemade espers.”

“Then…what is your target?”

“Ladylee Tangleroad, Fräulein Kreutune, and Codename Dragon.”


“Oh, was that too difficult for you? At any rate, I am the safety when it comes to a realm that people like you could never comprehend

Remember this. It’s important.

His weapons included guns, cannons, swords, spears, missiles, lasers, flamethrowers, liquid nitrogen emitters, and even molecular vibration electromagnetic wave emitters. And on top of those countless weapons, a small arm moved to place a cigar in the golden retriever’s mouth.


Even within that great torrent of water, he successfully lit the cigar.

The power of swag.

Golden Retriever vs Killer Whale. So funny to think of yet so deadly serious.

“So who are you anyway?”

“You’ll just forget, so it’s hard to work up the motivation to name myself. Instead…”

Just as he heard that last word, her face suddenly moved in close and he felt the soft sensation of her lips on his forehead.

“Wh-what are you doing!?”

“Ah ha ha. Don’t worry. You’ll forget all about it soon enough.”

The girl with honey-blonde hair gave a teasing yet somehow sad smile as she stood from the bench.

She said one last thing without turning back.

“I am a girl you once saved. Feel free to think of me like that☆”